Move to Australia for work

If you’re considering making the move to Australia for work, there are many different kinds of work visa’s you can apply for.

A work visa is a visa that has been sponsored by a company or individual who needs you to relocate to Australia and work for them because of your special skills or qualifications.

All Australian work visa’s are designed to build and support the Australian economy, so the rules that govern the application of these visa’s are strict, and the expectations of applicants are high.

In addition to a valid job offer within Australia, you’ll also need to present proof of qualifications, relevant work experience and a degree of understanding of the English language.

Australia demands these requirements in part to protect the local labour market from too many jobs being taken away from qualified Australian workers.


A qualification obtained outside of Australia will be screened for legitimacy, and you may be asked to prove your competence in your respective field.

You may find their rigorous testing to be excessive, but they’re confident you’ll appreciate it once it’s all over and you’ve successfully made the move to Australia.

Because of their strict regulations, they were fortunate enough to be one of the least affected countries in the recent global financial crisis, terrorism, or intolerance.

Australia is one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and since they are an island continent, they have always been very self-supporting and don’t rely heavily on foreign trade.


Australia proud of how it’s strict immigration policies have protected it’s economy and made it attractive for foreign workers. We hope you’ll appreciate that during the process of applying for your visa.

There are many visa choices, and a work visa may be the most attractive option; especially if you don’t qualify for the Migrant Independent Skilled Visa or haven’t been lucky enough to find love and apply for a partner visa.

There are lots of conditions that need to be met by both employers within Australia and migrating employees. But we’re confident that once you’ve met all the conditions and have been welcomed onto Australian shores, you’ll find it to have all been worth it.


Based on our over 15 years of experience, we know it for a fact that Australia is looking for skilled, hardworking employees.

Australia currently has an unemployment rate of 6%, so it is rather far from a labor crisis.

Australians are a relaxed and laid-back people; the country has a phlegmatic vibe and is not prone to pressure or stress.

Once you’ve arrived in Australia, remember to be casual and kind to the locals and you’ll get along just find. Oh, and learn how to fish, it’ll help… a lot.