Living in South Australia on a 457?

Temporary residents on a 457 visa in South Australia may have a new route to permanent residency.

Recent changes saw immigration announce the impending abolition of the 457 visa which will be replaced in March 2018 by the TSS visa and in conjunction the removal of 218 occupations from the list of suitable sponsored occupations.

This happened with very little prior warning, meaning that some applicants had to withdraw lodged applications as their occupation had been removed and that many applicants would no longer be able to transition to permanent residency once their 457 sponsorship commitment was done.

The South Australian Government have decided to accept nominations for 190 and 489 General Skilled Migration visas for applicants who are currently working on a 457 in SA, so if you’ve worked on a 457 for 12 months or more in SA check out the list of eligible occupations to see if you’re suitable. The list which includes Restaurant managers, cooks and community workers can be found here:

These skilled visas are points based, meaning the amount of points you have the better the position you’re in. Your points come from your skills and experience in several areas, therefore placing no request on employers and if an applicant in nominated by the state they can receive between 5-10 additional DIBP points depending on the visa category.


SOl list for 457 with changes. check here.