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Evidence of genuine relationship

Proof that your relationship is genuine and continuing

As many of the following documents as possible:

  • a statement about your relationship that describes:
    • how, when and where you first met
    • how the relationship developed
    • when you became engaged or married, if applicable
    • joint activities
    • periods of separation
    • significant events in the relationship
    • your future plans together.
  • documents that show you and your partner share financial responsibilities, for example:
    • mortgage or lease documents showing joint ownership or rental of property
    • loan documents of major assets such as homes, cars or major appliances in both names
    • joint bank accounts
    • household bills in both names
  • documents that show that you and your partner share household responsibilities, for example:
    • a statement about the way housework is distributed
    • household bills in both names
    • mail or emails addressed to both of you
    • joint responsibility for children
    • your living arrangements
  • documents that show your relationship is known by others, for example:
    • joint invitations, going out together, friends and acquaintances in common
    • proof that you and your partner have declared your relationship to government bodies, commercial or public institutions
    • proof of joint sporting, cultural or social activities
    • proof of joint travel.
  • documents to show you are committed to each other your long term relationship, for example:
    • knowledge of each other’s personal circumstances such as background and family situation. You could tell us this at an interview.
    • documents that show you have combined your personal matters
    • the terms of your wills
    • letters and phone bills that show you have been in contact when apart.