New Temporary Parent Visa 3-5 Years

New Parent Visa

A new Parent visa option is expected in late 2017, allowing parents to temporarily live in Australia with their child. This visa will only be available to parents who have a child that is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen. This child must either be a biological, adoptive or a step-child and must be over 18 years old. Parents of temporary residents of Australia will not be eligible. There will be two stages to this visa, the first will assess the suitability of the child as a sponsor this process will include assessing whether the sponsor applicant owes any debts for Australian public health service as well as health, character and identity requests. Unlike other parent...

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Changes in medical examination as of 20 November 2015 for permanent and temporary visa to Australia

Medical examination for permanent visa ( incl family and employer sponsored visa) and temporary ( including 457 visa to Australia, student visa (570, 752, 573) will be different based on country of origin. Only other factor will be ''significance requirements rule''. Following changes come in live on 20 November 2015. Countries that do not generally require Immigration Health Examinations ( for full list of countries click hear) 1.1. For all temporary visa to Australia ( incl 457 visa and student visa) - no medical examination required unless applicant: • Likely to work or be a trainee at an Australian childcare centre (including preschool and crèche) • Intending to work as (or study to be) a doctor, dentist, nurse or paramedic...

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Firstly, as of July 1st the visa fee has gone up making it the most expensive visa application, costing over$6000 (non-refundable) - payable to DIBP; so it is better to be safe than sorry. DIBP have introduced a data-matching system, where applicants can be vetted for fraudulent information including Centerlink benefits, living arrangements etc. Also we are coming back to 'genuine' relationship, where the most loving couples may struggle to meet requirements as they seem to be less and less relevant to the way people live their lives. So even if you do not set up your lives and prepare evidence based on DIBP policy, there is a great chance you will fail as a couple in the eyes of Immigration, even if you are...

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Do you think we are a pain? Well, we are and actually proud of it ;-)

Throughout our work, some could accuse us of being nit-picky and pedantic when it comes to documents. However, there is a reason for this. While some agents are happy to take whatever their clients give to them, we scrutinise and analyse everything. This is because our clients have paid us to represent them in the visa process – we won’t take the risk of glossing over incomplete or inconclusive documents resulting in refusal. This makes the job twice as difficult and time consuming for us and our clients. We are proud that we question and scrutinise everything we are presented with; it gets results. Last week, we had a sponsor provide us with several financial and registration documents for their...

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Immigration Department – 13 18 81 should we call it the “To-Hell-Line”

Often people have questions about the status of their visa, whether it is a pending application or a query about a new application. The most logical place people look for answers is with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. However, many people are left more confused after calling their 131 881 helpline, a helpline that is set up to assist but does the exact opposite. So many cases end in people being given the wrong advice. The advice that they give is all GENERAL, what they tell you over the phone has no relation to your situation, possibilities or genuine chances at visa success. One of our real life Examples: A man went to another Migration Agent to lodge...

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Partner visa

There are now some 60,000 Australian’s anxiously awaiting the Immigration Department’s approval to bring their spouses in to the country. The wait on average is between 12 and 15 months. On top of this the government recently increased the visa application charges for spouse visas to almost $7000 with no assurance that this will shorten the wait. Instead, Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash said the fee increases were needed to “repair the budget and fund the whole-of-government policy priorities”. On daily basis we speak with people who believe that if they are Australians and they have spouse or partner from overseas Immigration should naturally allow them to be together without extreme hassles and within a reasonable time frame. We are...

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