Processing time

Update from 20 July 2017 According to the immigration department those are time frame for processing most common applications. Based on our experience we have added some comments: [table id=6 /]

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253 Occupations for Short‑term Skilled Occupation List for 457 short stay visa

Short‑term Skilled Occupation List of 253 available for short stay, maximum 2 years , 457 visa positions.  Other requirements are not changed, except ENS transitional won't be available and renewal of that visa won't be available. English and skills levels stays the same. Additional restrictions are applicable, defining environment when the position can be approved. Can be both applicable for employer or employee such as: size of the business, number of employees, gross payroll or turnover, number of yours of work experience etc

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178 Occupations on Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List for ENS/ RSMS long stay 457 visa

Lucky 178 occupations available for RSMS/ ENS and long stay 457 visa as of July 2017. Those occupations will allow for permanent migration to Australia. Other requirements stay similar to what it used to be, except: Maximum age 45 years old No English and skills exemptions for high salary earners. ENS / RSMS in transitional arrangements requires 6.0 in each element in Ielts  

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