Living in South Australia on a 457?

Temporary residents on a 457 visa in South Australia may have a new route to permanent residency. Recent changes saw immigration announce the impending abolition of the 457 visa which will be replaced in March 2018 by the TSS visa and in conjunction the removal of 218 occupations from the list of suitable sponsored occupations. This happened with very little prior warning, meaning that some applicants had to withdraw lodged applications as their occupation had been removed and that many applicants would no longer be able to transition to permanent residency once their 457 sponsorship commitment was done. The South Australian Government have decided to accept nominations for 190 and 489 General Skilled Migration visas for applicants who are currently...

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New Temporary Parent Visa 3-5 Years

New Parent Visa

A new Parent visa option is expected in late 2017, allowing parents to temporarily live in Australia with their child. This visa will only be available to parents who have a child that is an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen. This child must either be a biological, adoptive or a step-child and must be over 18 years old. Parents of temporary residents of Australia will not be eligible. There will be two stages to this visa, the first will assess the suitability of the child as a sponsor this process will include assessing whether the sponsor applicant owes any debts for Australian public health service as well as health, character and identity requests. Unlike other parent...

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Employer Sponsored Visa Changes

The New Budget and What it Means For You! As many of you are aware of, the Department of Immigration have made quite a lot of changes over the past few months including - visa application requirements, application prices, training benchmark requirements and more. Below we have listed some of the changes and some information we are currently aware of.   Changes to Visa Application Fees From July 1st, 2017 Immigration will be slightly increasing their visa fees.  A Visitor Visa will now cost AUD $140, A 457 visa will cost AUD $1,080 for a single applicant, TSS Visa (Temporary Skills Shortage Visa) will cost anywhere between AUD $1,150 to AUD $2,400 depending on the stream being applied for.  For...

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