MUST READ: Skilled Occupation Lists SOL and CSOL changing!

New Skilled Occupations List for migrants – must read! The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and (CSOL) are exclusive lists of positions, which according to the government are in shortage and for this reason; skilled migrants can come to Australia to fill these positions. Here, you will find the new, updated SOL and CSOL – coming into affect as of 1st July 2016. The SOL and CSOL are relevant for many visa subclasses, including the 457, 190, 489 and 485 graduate visa. So what’s changed? As of July 1st, if you are applying for any of these visas –you need to make sure that your occupation is listed on the new SOL or CSOL. There are positions being added and positions...

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Working holiday under investigation

Recently, the federal government announced that as of 1st July this year everybody on working holiday visas 417 and 462 will be taxed as non-residents, meaning that 33% of their wages be taken in tax! This is as a result of many issues and concerns about the working holiday program – whether it’s meeting the needs of Australia, whether rural areas are benefiting in the seasonal tourism and agricultural industry & whether Australians’ are still being prioritised in the labour market. For people on the 417 visa, mainly Europeans – if they engage in 88 days of specified work in agriculture/tourism in rural Australia, they can get a 2nd year. But it has been revealed that a lot of people...

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All new student visa process coming!

As of July, we will see huge changes to the application process for student visas – there will be NO ASSESSMENT LEVELS, no 570 (English study visa), no 572 (VET courses)…. All of the current student subclasses will be merged into the new 500 subclass. Also, up until now only applicants with passports from assessment level 1 countries were able to lodge their student visa application online, from outside of Australia. Now, every applicant from every country should lodge their application online… no more international couriers and postage across the world! The new simplified student visa framework (SSVF) From 1 July 2016 the SSVF will come into effect.  Key changes under the SSVF are: international students will apply for a single Student...

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