New rules for New Zealanders – Citizenship in Australia

Thousands of Kiwis may now be eligible for Australian citizenship New policies introduced this week now may make it possible for New Zealanders, who have been living and working in Australia to become citizens. If you are, or have been the holder of a 444 visa, from New Zealand granted between 2001 and February 2016, may be able to become Australian citizens under new laws. This scheme is provides a pathway to people who previously were  not able to become citizens. The requirements are: You have lived and worked in Australia for at least 5 years (between 2001 and now) And, earned equivalent to the temporary skilled income threshold (TSMIT) – which currently stands at $53,900 – the same threshold used...

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457 visa processing in a mess!

457 visa processing in a mess! The 457 visa is a very common, successful visa for people working in Australia on a temporary basis, although it isn’t always as clear cut and successful when it comes to the processing side. New national reports have revealed that there is now a ‘crack down’ on the ‘incomplete’ applications! Published advice from the Department of Immigration says that average processing times of these visas are around 2 months… and yet, now they are adopting a new approach – almost instant responses and refusals for cases that aren’t ‘decision ready’. This means that for sponsorship, nomination and application stage all documents have to be attached to the application right away, then wait 2 months...

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