How many times have you taken IELTS for visa purposes?

Some of our clients are taking IELTS for visa purposes  on a regular basis , nearly every second week and often they are missing 0.5 point but always in different category. At some stage it makes no sense to keep doing this - You need a new approach, maybe try a different exam, many seem to be getting better scores in PTE academic than the IELTS test, often making up for that missing 0.5 point. Few tips here and read more on our website about IELTS preparation. You will find there many useful tips. You do really need to prepare and practice to do well on each section of the exam! There are specific books available online designed to help you...

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Criminal and civil sanctions for ‘payment for visas’

Criminal and civil sanctions for ‘payment for visas’ A new bill just passed by Parliament means that there could be some significant sanctions for anyone found abusing the Immigration system and ‘paying for visas’. This is mainly in relation to people who ‘bribe’, or any employers who accept ‘benefits’, intended to get around the Immigration system. In this context, the Bill states that ‘benefit’ includes: (a)  A payment or other valuable consideration; and (b)  A deduction of an amount; and (c)  Any kind of real or personal property; and (d)  An advantage; and (e)  A service; and (f)  A gift. This includes arrangements such as deductions from nominated salary, for example if an employer makes deductions from their employees’ salary...

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Crucial changes to requirements for the 457 visa– effective immediately!

Individuals applying for the Temporary Skilled 457 visa will now be formally required to fulfil a number of new obligations, set out by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. One of these major changes will be that applicants will now be required to obtain compulsory licensing or registration for their nominated position within 90 days of arriving in Australia or within the same time frame if they are already in the country when their visa is granted. Holders of the 457 visa must also commence work within 90 days of arriving in Australia or within 90 days of being granted a visa if already in Australia at the time the application was made. These new requirements are designed to...

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